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Switzer Pond Rebuild

Updated: Sat, 24 Mar 2018

This pond was a victim to every predator known to man. When we say this pond had a matrix of strings and traps, we aren't kidding. I don't know how a human could have gotten in there, never mind an animal. However, it was shallow, and perfect for the fish eating kind of critters. So, we made it deeper, and Koi friendly.
Switzer Pond Rebuild

Up until this point, John had only invested in Goldfish. He was bombarded with every predator you could imagine, but sadly, the shallow depth that a landscaper made this pond, made it a buffet for the critters.

Unfortunately, I failed to take many pictures, and I can't show you how big the rocks are that we moved by hand. All I can tell you, is that they were placed there with an excavator, and there was NO WAY we were able to use one to get them out. One day I'll post a picture of us using what we refer to as, our Egyptian torture device. It isn't pretty, but we can move some very large rocks. We use human weight, as a counter balance. At one point, John, Eduard, Dayleen, Miranda and Nicole where all hanging off this thing to move these rocks. That's how heavy they were!

Here's a before. I tried to show the matrix of strings and wires, they're kinda hard to miss..lol

Sadly, I'm missing some of the pictures between steps, but this should give you an idea. All I have is video, but need to figure out how to post that here. If you'd like to see it, check out our OKANAGAN KOI YouTube page

Here is Miranda finishing up some of the digging. As you can see, I like using sandbags to give me nice firm ledges for rocks and plants. The pond is now 4 feet deep

It didn't take long for the water to clear up after this.This pond is in Gallagher's Canyon here in Kelowna. Anyone who lives there, can attest to the fact that the water comes out of the taps brown..seriously! On this pond, which is about 1400 US gallons, we used the Laguna 4000 Pressure-Flo with 36 watt UV, and the 2400 GPH Max-Flo pump. There are LED Lights and an AquaScape Ionizer as well. The pond is now home to a very fine collection of young Japanese Butterfly Koi, and 2 sharks (yes, real sharks)