Okanagan Koi & Water Gardens

Okanagan Koi is relatively new to the ECommerce market, but has been in the pond business for over 20 years. We started as a hobbyist and eventually turned that love for the hobby into a business. Even though we are a retailer, we still look at that retail world through a hobbyist's eyes. We use what we sell and evaluate each product as if we were placing it in our own personal pond. It's that evaluation process and attention to detail that keeps our customers coming back to us, year after year.

When people are first researching a product online, they seem to gravitate to pricing first. We have found from experience that price only takes you so far. There are many other factors to consider when making a purchase. For us, product knowledge, expertise and customer service win out every time.

The simple fact that we have built over 300 successful water gardens and high end Koi ponds, sets us apart from 99% of the online retailers out there. We aren't here to make a quick buck and then move onto the next money making scheme. We are experts in our field, we constantly strive to educate ourselves on the latest trends and technologies and then pass that information on to you.

We are here to stay and we want to help you build the best water garden or Koi pond humanly possible. We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the whole process. If this is your first pond, you'll find everything you could ever need on this web site. If you're a seasoned Koi lover, we have many specialty Koi related item's not readily found in Canada. If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask us, we may have it in stock.

WE ONLY SHIP WITH IN CANADA AT THIS TIME. Koi shipped by air, will only be considered on minimum orders over $500 and are subject to box fee's, ice pack fee of $2 and the fees charged by the airlines.

We're successful if you're successful....and that's the bottom line!!

IMPORTANT: Web pricing may differ from in-shop prices. Prices may change without notice. Prices listed are not guaranteed, however, we try very hard to keep prices current, but our suppliers do change prices without first notifying us. Sometimes products can be discontinued by the manufacturer, changed OR altered without notice to us. Please call for current pricing. Due to our fluctuating Canadian dollar, price changes can be dramatic