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Pondless Waterfall Products Pondless Waterfalls all the beauty and none of the work. We have everything you need

Pondless Waterfalls and Features...all of the beauty and non of the work of a traditional pond. Perfect for people who just want the relaxing sound of water, but no liability issues, no mosquitos and none of the maintenance of a fish pond.

Pondless features can be a waterfall that disappears into the ground (hidden reservoir) a simple, or elaborate pot that you have, a natural or cultured stone (like basalt) or a ready-made ornament for a pondless feature.

Whatever you choose, don't forget to light it up with some energy saving and easy to install LED lights.

To get started, you'll need to decide what your project will look like, then measure for your liner and underlay.

You'll need:

* EPDM Pond Liner

* Underlay (under the liner & on top of the liner)

* Hose or Tubing

* Pump

* Pump Vault

* AquaBlox or Reservoir

* Water Feature (pre-cast OR natural)

* LED Lights

* Ionizer (for algae free)