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PondMax Colour LED w/Remote


PondMax Colour LED w/Remote
PondMax Colour LED w/Remote

The PondMAX LED light kit with remote control, is an excellent starting point to light up your pond or water feature. The multi-function remote can operate at a distance of 30′ from the controller system. Up to 8 single colors with various lighting effects.

Daisy chain several of these lights together with our single add-on light.

Lights can interchange with large or small. Highlight large objects with the large lights, or intensify a spotlight with the small lights. Need extra cable length? No problem, just get a 16' extension (or more)

Everything in this product line is customizable. Very user friendly! These are the lights we use in our pond builds.

You'll love the light show you can program on your remote!

  • Super Energy Efficient/Low Wattage
  • For Use In Or Out Of Water
  • Weighted Base
  • Garden Spike included
  • Transformer not included
  • Power: 5.8 Watts
  • Cable Length: 16′

** Video shows a kit with transformer. Please note, the kits listed here are WITHOUT transformer unless noted otherwise**

24 watt Transformer 12V
C$ 36.99
Extension cable for Colour Lights (4 pin) 16 feet
C$ 39.99
36 watt Transformer 12V
C$ 49.99
60 watt Transformer 12V
C$ 69.99
Add on Single Small Colour Light for 24PL690
C$ 74.99
Add on Single Large Colour Light for 24PL692
C$ 94.99
PondMax Small Colour LED w/Remote
C$ 214.99
PondMax Large Colour LED w/Remote
C$ 229.99