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PondMax Air Pumps

PondMax Air Pumps

PondMAX professional aeration pumps are great for aerating larger bodies of water such as dams or lakes.
They are capable of pumping to a depth of 5m and are suitable for use outside.


  • Ideal For Large Ponds Or Lakes
  • Very Robust Design
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Made In Taiwan
  • SPECIFICATIONS For PA40 Equivalent to HAKKO 60

  • Power:40W
  • Flow:65 LPM
  • Cable Length:6 Ft.

SPECIFICATIONS For PA80 Equivalent to HAKKO 100+

  • Power:85W
  • Flow:110 LPM
  • Cable Length:6 Ft.
All Prices in Green Are Sale Prices.
PondMax PA40 Air Pump
Was C$ 359.99
C$ 287.99
PondMax PA80 Air Pump
Was C$ 459.99
C$ 367.99