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Submersible pond pumps are the workhorse of the pond. They are convenient and easy to install, usually are magnetic drive (or a Hybrid direct drive-Mag drive) which means they use less power and typically, can be repaired. The only moving part, is the impeller, which can be easily replaced.

Mag drive pumps are very easy to maintain. Just remove them from the water and clean the impeller. Dirt and grime can score the impeller, making its life much shorter. Routine maintenance will keep your pump running for years. We have several mag drive pumps in use here, and they have been operating for 10+ years.

Submersible pumps are great for working like a bottom drain, but not cutting a hole in your liner for a drain. They draw up the debris, and put it into your pond filter, where you just backwash out the mess.

Many submersible pumps can be used in-line as well. Just ask us if you're not sure