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Pond Liner Protector

Pond Liner Protector

Yes, we custom cut underlay, any size. Just give us a call 250-765-5641

A Heavy-Duty fabric that eliminates punctures of the pond liner by acting as a barrier between the soil and liner.

Aids in subsurface drainage under the liner to help stop frost heaves

Protect your pond from rocks and plant roots using the Premium Geotextile Pond Underlayment. This unique protective material is made from a nonwoven, synthetic fabric that protects pond liners from punctures.

Specifically designed to be placed under pond liners, this sturdy fabric provides an extra layer of protection over cushion materials such as sand.

The heavyweight fabric will support the weight of the water in the pond without tearing or deteriorating. Needle-punched holes appear regularly in the fabric to ensure that it breathes and allows gases to escape the soil. This incredible underliner installs easily and it remains manageable so that it may be realigned and rearranged without hassle.

Underlayment 4 oz. 12' x 10'
C$ 64.99
Underlayment 4 oz. 12' x 20'
C$ 129.99
Underlayment 4 oz. 6' x 100'
C$ 249.99
Underlayment 4 oz.12' x 100'
C$ 479.99