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Perkins Water Feature

Updated: Tue, 3 Apr 2018

Great things can be built in small spaces. A small but eye-catching water feature by an entrance way.
Perkins Water Feature

Mr. Perkin's came by the shop looking for a water feature to be built in a dry and desolate space by his front door. He and his wife, were renovating a house they had purchased at McKinley Landing, Kelowna BC and they wanted to do a water feature of some sort.

Initially, I had suggested something much larger than was ultimately built, but the space for my project kept getting smaller for various reasons.

The homeowner has taken on the plantings around the pond. We had suggested plants that are easy to maintain but also give off a lush appearance. Mainly "Incrediball" Hydrangea to hide the air conditioning unit, and boxwood between the feature and the driveway surface.

These pictures are right after construction, so don't show off the new plants.

The feature consists of a Savio compact skimmer, Atlantic TT5000 pump, AquaScape Ionizer, PondMax remote control LED lights (changeable colour) and various aquatic plants.

View our YouTube video of this feature