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Lalonde Pondless Waterfall

Updated: Thu, 25 Jun 2020

Not the biggest Pondless Waterfall we've installed, but it did make the cover of Gardens West Magazine
Lalonde Pondless Waterfall

This couple purchased this home on the Westside of Kelowna, and inherited a small preformed pond and waterfall. To say they weren't fond of it, was an understatement. When we arrived for a consultation, the first thing I noticed, was that all their patio chairs had their backs to the feature.

Clearly, they didn't want any of their guests spending any time noticing it..lol. They had wanted us to put another pond in its place, but I'd suggested going Pondless. They traveled a lot, and I didn't think a pond suited their lifestyle. The homeowner decided to sleep on it, and let me know the following day. When she called, she's decided to go Pondless. Apparently, the 5 adult Raccoons sitting in the plastic pond, helped her decide fish weren't in her future :)

So, we got right to it, ripped out the old raccoon bait.

Sorry, once again, we got too excited and missed the "before" shots. This is the only one I could find

1) Carefully removing the rocks, placing them on a tarp

2) Removing what we don't need. This is the PondMaster pump vault we will be using.


3) Back when we did 3-4" PVC drain pipe for our well. This is cut to fit, alternating directions on each layer. Usually 3-4 layers. Extremely strong and worked great.

4) This picture doesn't show it, but we added a bit more water, so that there was about 2 inches over the rocks. I find that when water hits water, it sounds better than just hitting the gravel. The pump vault is hidden under the squared off flat rock, bottom left