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Koi For Sale


Koi For Sale

The YouTube video above, is a small example of the Koi we import. Theses Goshiki are from Hiroi, the Showa is from Dainichi. They are for sale on our Koi Sale page.

Okanagan Koi sells over 5000 Koi a season, we ship all across Canada (Air Canada & Westjet) Our Koi start at 4" and go up to 32"+ in size. Prices start at around $18.99 for regular fin and $28.99 for Butterfly/longfin, show Koi start at a reasonable $300 and up to $14,000 (+-) Japanese Koi are from various farms, such as Dainichi, Isa, Beppo, Marudo, Aokiya, Shinoda, Otsuka, Oya, Yamamatsu, Fukazawa, Chogorou, Hasegawa, Hoshikin, Ikarashi, Kaneko, Sakai, Izumiya, Kase, Kawakami, Maruboshi, Marusaka, Miyatora, Oofuchi, Shintaro, Suda, Teradomari, Torazo, Yagenji, Yamazaki, Hiroi and more.

Koi being shipped by air, will only be considered on orders over $500

Koi are all quarantined, have health certificates and are ready for a new home as soon as weather permits, usually after mid April. Call us for availability 250-765-5641

Please see our "Koi For Sale" page to view our higher end Koi. If you're looking for something special, please let Dayleen know, she may have it, or will get it for you. Not everything in stock is listed online.