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Sick of string algae? Never want to deal with it again? This is your solution. We use an ionizer in 2 of our ponds here. The first pond we installed the ionizer on was about 3-4 years ago. The pond is 6600 US Gallons, and home to about 10, 20-26" Koi. I'm not exagerating, when i tell you that we were pulling 5 gallon buckets of the green nastiness out of our waterfall every 3-4 days. All it took was dropping the ionizer probe into our skimmer, no plumbing required, turned it onto 3, and let it do its thing. Roughly 5-6 days later..zero string algae.

A note of caution: Koi are VERY sensitive to copper in the water. We suggest, depending on pond volume, to start out low, on maybe number 2 on your LED key pad. Watch for any weird behoviour in your Koi, they will tell you if they aren't happy.

Check your copper level, it shouldn't read as there being any copper present, BUT the algae should be gone, or going. If it reads that your copper is even in the low range, it might bother your Koi. If you run into an issue, take a water sample, set it aside, unplug the unit, and do a 25% water change.

Bring us the water sample you put aside or call us at 250-765-5641 1-877 KOI-TO-GO and we'll help you out. Typically, if your fish have a small reaction, just giving them a break, then trying again, usually solves it. Think of it like your mom putting you in an itchy sweater. Once you get used to it, its not such a big deal. None of our Koi have ever been bothered by it, but some customers Koi have. As long as you don't set it to high, then go on holiday for 2 weeks, you'll be just fine. If in doubt, unplug it, and call us. I'm intentionall freaking you out..putting anything in your pond should be done with caution!

Parts are included to cut into your plumbing, but we never use them. All you need to do, is make sure the copper probe is in moving water. So, we install them laying in the waterfall, or plunk it into our skimmer, anywhere the water is moving. It can't just sit in the pond, put it in moving water where there's good circulation.

Any questions, just call us or email

*We DON'T stock the Triton Ionizer in-store, on-line only, but can bring it in for you. We stock in-store the AquaScape 2nd Generation Ionizer*

AquaScape Iongen 2 Ionizer

AquaScape Iongen 2 Ionizer

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Atlantic Triton 2 Ionizer

Atlantic Triton 2 Ionizer

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