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Pond Balance

Pond Balance

String algae! It can happen in the best of ponds. String algae grows all of the time but it does best in clear, moving water. The reason string algae grows best in these conditions is that in clear water there is very little competition for nutrients and the movement of the water affords a constant supply of food. String algae also grows well in the winter time.

String algae in the koi pond or water garden is a problem that affects most of us, the rapid growing filamentous string algae can spoil the appearance of the pond. String algae will also clog pumps and filtration equipment. Algae in a water garden will grow on and choke out your plants. Control of algae in your koi pond or water garden can be as simple as a monthy addition of Pond Balance. Pond balance gives you control of algae in your pond by removing nutrients that string algae

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Pond Balance - Standard Treats 1800 gals.
C$ 34.99
Pond Balance - Super Treats 3600 gals.
C$ 54.99
Pond Balance - Medium Treats 10800 gals.
C$ 109.99
Pond Balance - Large Treats 67100 gals.
Was C$ 419.99
C$ 399.99