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Grothe Pond

Updated: Tue, 3 Apr 2018

We met the Grothe's after one of our customers recommended us to them. Apparently, we are known as the leak finders..lol. The Grothe's pond was leaking, it was always dirty and they weren't happy. After meeting them, it was decided that a tear out and re-build was in order. So that's what we did.
Grothe Pond

The clients left for a 2 week vacation, and we got to work dismantling their old pond. To say I had underestimated how much work that would be, is well, an underestimation..lol. It was so full of muck we just couldn't believe it. I'd never seen such a small pond be so filthy.

The landscaper had dug it deep, but in an effort to give the fish a place to hide (I'm assuming) he put a big slab across the shelf, basically leaving a 2' deep settlement chamber. And it was FULL!

Here's the before

Here's poor Miranda, shoes off, trying to muck it out. You have no idea the amount of goo in there

I think some splashed in her mouth..GROSS!

This is the first time I've EVER filled in a pond and made is shallower. Sandbags to fill in a section for a shelf. Waterfall is prepped.

All done and looking great!


The pond has 2 waterfalls now. One at each end. This one even has a bubble rock feeding the waterfall.

Notice the bubble rock on top? Something for the birds


The Fake Heron actually helped keep the real one out of the pond...for a while :)


Here's a link to the YouTube video for this project. Please check it out