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Farina Koi Pond

Updated: Tue, 10 Mar 2020

A good customer from Coquitlam, BC was wanting to build a true Koi pond. He wanted to start getting into higher quality Japanese Koi, and he understood that what he had, wasn't conducive to growing Koi to their potential. We were about to change that.
Farina Koi Pond

The day I arrived at the project to get a "feel" for what he wanted, what his budget would allow, what his aspirations were and what I thought should be built...everything changed for him. There were a few things that were really good. His yard was big, he was open to suggestion, and he was realistic with his budget (mostly)

What he described as his dream pond, sounded too small to me. Always go bigger..always! If there is ever one piece of advise i can give people, is this, go as big as you can afford. You can come up with all kinds of excuses why you're being conservative in your pond size, but the excuses are actually few. These are the top ones 1) I want to see how it goes 2) I'm afraid the fish will all die. Honestly, these are the same 2 excuses I hear 100 times a season.

These are my answers, and I don't make these statements flippantly, its from experience..trust me!

1) You're going to love it even more than you think, and a bigger pond is easier to look after than a small one..true!

2) If you don't get your fish from 5 different sources, practice proper acclimation procedures, your fish aren't going to die. First off, and this is a biggie..DO NOT add feeder fish of any sort to your pond "to get it started" Feeder fish are literally THE most diseased fish on the planet, please DO NOT add them to your pond. DO NOT let family and friends "gift" you random fish..unless you 100% trust the source. Only buy your fish from us..then you know they are quarantined, healthy and ready for your pond. Its not a sales pitch, its the truth. Don't follow this one rule, and set yourself up for a summer of treating fish problems. Look, If anyone understands falling in love with the coolest fish you've ever seen, its me! So, if you buy a random fish from another source, please properly quarantine it away from your pond for 21 days.

Anyway, back to this project. Needless to say, I was given full design and build authority, and let lose to build his dream pond...yippeeeee! This is significantly bigger than he thought he was getting. In the end, its 14 feet across, 27 feet long and 7 feet deep (3 feet deep at one end) with 2 bottom drains, Savio Skimmer, Savio LivingPonds Waterfall filter, PondMaster 7600 GPH skimmer pump. The main filtration is a 20,000 gallon Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima 2 pressure filter, Teton Eco Stream 8000 GPH centrifugal pump, X-Large leaf basket and 160 watts of UV via Aqua Ultraviolet, with a wiper unit.

It begins...

Uh Oh...hardpan

We hit hardpan, how deep can we go? The whole project might get a Plan B

Better get some cedar trees along the fence now, once the pond is in, it will be tough

3-feet deep at the one end, a place for water lilies, then drops down. We ended up with 7 feet

Rocks arrive differently down there. They come all bundled up in wire bins..how cool! The bigger ones were hand selected, from Squamish, all Basalt

LOVE the lichens

Placing some big rocks strategically to support the waterfalls..there will be 2 falls on this side, and a sheer drop on the other side

Liner is in, still need to smooth it out. You can see the start of the pavilion. This will house an outdoor kitchen, and authentic Italian pizza oven. It will slightly overhang the pond, with bridge crossing over to it. If you were wondering why there's an area of the ground that jogs out, that's where the bridge is going. This reduced the need for engineering one to fit the span, and gave us more solid ground to support it with.

The bigger slabs on the right, are for a walk-thru, to go from the hot tub to the pavilion..in front of the waterfalls

The waterfall on the other side of the pond. Its beside the bridge and is very visible from the pavilion. Everything is all lit up at night...of course! You can see a waterfall from any angle, no matter if you're in the hot tub, of having a drink in the pavilion..or from the house.



Description: A Koi pond build in Coquitlam, BC 7'deep x 14'wide x 27'long