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Updated: Wed, 2 Sep 2020

If you haven't been to Okanagan Koi, you're sure to be surprised. We are well worth the visit! What are you waiting for? http://youtu.be/CF4Lw7pK5iI
Come Visit Us

Canada doesn't really have the specialty Koi and pond dealers like some other countries. We certainly don't have Koi shows! We have some pretty stringent quarantine and importation laws, where Koi are concerned. We can't move our fish around like they do in the US, from state to state, for Koi shows. It's kinda sad for us Koi lovers :(

But hey, have no fear, you are but a drive away from one of the largest Koi importers in Canada AND one of the biggest Koi specialty businesses in Canada.

We have Koi lovers from all over Canada, shop online on our web site and we have had people from 3 provinces away, drive all the way here, pick up their Koi and pond supplies, then drive all the way back home..I kid you not! Now THAT is real dedication to the hobby..lol

Here is one of our TV commercials, take a look..then come see the real things.

Happy Ponding :)