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Atlantic Reservoirs/Basins

Atlantic Reservoirs/Basins

  • Fountain Basins provide concealed water storage and support for decorative water features
  • Atlantic Fountain Basins are the easiest way to add a water feature to your landscape even for the novice installer
  • Quickly installed at, above or below grade in landscapes or hardscapes
  • Recessed channels allow fast tubing installation without fear of kinking and crushing
  • Topside flow adjustment and easy pump access make maintenance faster and more convenient
  • Multiple internal supports handle greater loads with better stability than the competition

FB3200 Supports 400 lbs of weight, holds 32 gallons of water, 2000 GPH, 32"W X 13"H

FB4600 Supports 1200 lbs of weight, holds 67 gallons of water, 4000 GPH, 46"W X 13"H

Small Reservoir/Basin FB3200 32x13
C$ 449.99
Large Reservoir/Basin FB4600 46x13
C$ 639.99