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Are you a pond addict?

Updated: Sun, 7 Mar 2021

If you answer yes to more than 3 of these, you are a pond addict. When most people think about addictions, they probably do not think of ponds as being one of them, unless of course you are a pond owner. I see on a daily basis what having a pond does to the human psyche.
Are you a pond addict?


By Dayleen Van Ryswyk aka “The Koi Lady”

When most people think about addictions, they probably don’t think of ponds as being one of them, unless of course you’re a pond owner. I see on a daily basis what having a pond does to the human psyche. There’s something Zen like about sitting by the ponds edge and watching the fish gracefully glide through the water. It relaxes you, and literally melts the day’s tensions away. Inevitably after the first pond is built (notice I said first pond) you come to the realization that the magnificent oasis that you have created has one glaring fault…. it’s too small!

Sad but true, the most common mistake is making your pond too small. If you have been reading my column on a regular basis, you have probably heard me say that a few times now. It is singly the most common mistake and the one most commonly remedied. I find that if you don’t remove your first pond and re-built it, then you usually add another pond to your yard. If you have ever been to my property, you’ll know that I have some personal experience in pond addictions. I currently have 8 ponds, varying from a tiny but cute 80 gallons to a massive Greek inspired 23.000-gallon pond. I have jokingly named my pond addiction “Pond-itis”. I have as they say “the pond bug” and I have it big time. Unfortunately, the only cure for what I have is a temporary at best, because eventually, I’ll have to build “just one more” pond.

Go ahead and laugh, you’ll see. Build your first pond and see just how long it takes until you find yourself wondering your yard scouting out the perfect location for that bigger and better pond. Don’t be surprised if it’s right around the time you place the last rock on your first pond. There is something magical, romantic and just plain soothing about a pond. It’s not anything I can really explain; you have to have a pond to understand it.

For those of you out there secretly planning your next pond, or those people that think they may have contracted “Pond-itis”, here are some questions to confirm your suspicions. .

1) Do you have more than one pond or are planning another pond?

2) Do you find yourself daydreaming about your pond?

3) Have you ever given up going out for dinner so that you could save the money for that cute little pond ornament?

4) Do you always have room for “just one more” fish?

5) Do you name your fish?

6) Do you spend more time talking to your fish than you do your own family?

7) Do you find yourself at the pond shop every week to see what’s new?

8) Have you ever marked out a new pond location in your yard but didn’t tell your spouse?

9) Do you check the pond section of the phone book in every town you visit?

10) Is the wallpaper on your computer a picture of a Koi or a pond?

11) Do you happily spend an hour chopping up fresh fruits and vegetables for your Koi but feed yourself instant noodles?

Answering yes to more than 3, means you are well on your way to having to join a 12-step program for ponders. We’ll call it “Ponders anonymous” and new members are always welcome. Happy ponding!