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Antonson Pond

Updated: Tue, 10 Mar 2020

This pond build was for a good customer, turned friend, that bought a house with a landscaper pond by front door. In the landscapers defense, they typically are building a "water feature" which is what this was. To add Koi would have been a disaster! All lined in rock and shallow, perfect for predators. We decided it would be best to build a Koi friendly pond in the backyard by their patio. Being as though this pond was going to be on the top of a mountain (literally) we knew we were in for it. Boy, were we ever...
Antonson Pond

I not going to mince words here. This was probably the hardest job i've ever done. The pond is literally at the top of a rock mountain. How deep we could go, was anyone's guess. IF we could even dig, was anyone's guess. The first order of the day...dig a test hole. Is it jackhammer time, or is there soil?

First, we had to remove the water feature in the corner AND the gorgeous Maple. Sadly, the Maple couldn't be dug out..Sawzall :(


Ok, looks like we are digging


It didn't take long, and we were into some pretty awful stuff. Just to give you a little idea of what it took to dig this pond out. We resorted to a 6' steel pry bar, slammed it into the ground so we could pry up the rock and gravel. Then we filled 5 gallon buckets, but only half way, because we had to haul them, 2 at a time up a steep slope covered in loose shale. Fun times! Oh yeah, and there was irrigation to contend with..of course


Good times...lots of rock


At this point Miranda and I were about ready for suicide..lol Seriously though..8 days of digging..EIGHT!


40" deep, that's all we could get. I did say i'd get between 3' and 4' deep, i do deliver on my promises. Sandbags..gotta love them! We used the crud from inside the pond to fill the bags, so less trips up the hill. These sides are going nowhere! Why the sandbags? Well, I like to build a ledge that will end up with the rocks around the sides to be partially submersed. It looks more natural, and gives me a place to put water plants.


Waterfall prepped, and shelves all in. Time for underlay and liner


The start of the waterfall. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know i don't use spray foam. I use premixed mortar (not concrete)


All done! Whew..what a job! Its pretty though, and will be home 2 only 3 very spoiled Koi


I'm using an Atlantic TT6000 pump, it's split into 3 hoses. One goes into a Laguna Pressure-Flo 4000 with 36watt UV and down the waterfall. The remaining goes directly down the waterfall. There are PondMax colour changing lights (w/remote) in the waterfall and an assortment of water plants. A water lily was added after this photo.


This is Zuri...isn't she gorgeous? She was the highlight of my day. Everyday she came to see how the pond was coming along, and to give kisses. We made sure all the edges of the pond were made so she could safely walk on the rocks for a drink. I love you Zuri

View our YouTube video of this project, link below


Description: A brand new pond for a Koi lover. A decent size for a fairly compact yard, but it has all the bells and whistles.