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  • Come Visit Us

    Come Visit Us

    If you haven't been to Okanagan Koi, you're sure to be surprised. We are well worth the visit! What are you waiting for? http://youtu.be/CF4Lw7pK5iI
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    Green Water & String Algae, Why do I Have it?

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    Summer Pond Maintenance 101

    Summer is the time to enjoy the pond, but it's also the time when things can go haywire. Check out our informative article on keeping your pond beautiful all summer!



Welcome to Okanagan Koi

*WE ARE OPEN for the 2021 SEASON SATURDAY MARCH 13th, 2021"

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open for business, but we are restricting the amount of customers in the fish house at any one time, so we can practice social distancing procedures implemented by the BC government. At this time, mask's have been made mandatory by the province. Please note, that our gardens are NOT open to the public until MAY 1st.

We are the largest Koi fish importer in Canada and one of the largest full service Koi & Pond Dealers in Canada. We have been in business since 1999 and have been avid Koi hobbyists for over 30 years. We import only select grade and show grade Koi. We leave the pet store quality, to the pet stores. We firmly believe, that you should be able to get a healthy and beautiful Koi without breaking the bank. Our Koi start at under $20, and go up into the tens of thousands, with everything in between.

Our goal is to help you be successful in the amazing hobby of keeping Koi. Whether you've been a Koi keeper like us for many years or are just new to the hobby..we are here to assist you!

We are on 3 manicured acres, with 9+ display ponds ranging from a 500 gallon pond to a $100.000 27 thousand gallon Koi pond. All the ponds on site are differing in their design and products used to help give you ideas for your own pond. We also have several pondless water features. The gardens are open to the public May 1st until September 30th.

Come talk to the experts at Okanagan Koi BEFORE you build your pond, you'll be glad you did!! We are truly a one stop pond shop. Follow us on Facebook and be privy to exclusive deals and specials before everyone else.

Did you know that we build ponds? We do, and we build some pretty amazing things! Pondless features, Waterfalls, Koi ponds, Ponds for aquatic plants, Streams, Doggie Swim Ponds & Swim Ponds for humans too! Give us a call and get a quote today. Commercial & Residential with 25+ years experience. See our "Koi Lady News" section for our portfolio. Updating every week.


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Hours of Operation:

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK (March till Mid October)

Monday to Friday 10-5:30

Saturday 10-5:00

Sunday's & Holidays 11-5

‚ÄčOPEN SEASON: March (opening varies yearly) to mid October - Other dates, by appointment

Demonstration Gardens: Open May 1st until September 30th.

Directions: See map on Contact Us page

Gift certificates are available in any denomination $$$$

We only ship with in Canada at this time. Shipping is done through either Canada Post or by the Courier of your choice. Fish will be guaranteed to "arrive alive" only when shipped by Air. Fish are always shipped in a Styrofoam box, double bagged with oxygen and ice pack in warm weather.

IMPORTANT: Web pricing may differ from in-shop prices. Prices may change without notice. Prices listed are not guaranteed, however, we try very hard to keep prices current, but our suppliers do change prices without first notifying us. Sometimes products can be discontinued by the manufacturer, changed OR altered without notice to us. Please call for current pricing. Due to our fluctuating Canadian dollar, price changes can be dramatic.