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Adjustable Fountain Heads
Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain
All Season Premium Sticks
Americo Balck Open-Cell Filter Media
Americo Coarse Filter Media
Americo Green Filter Media
Americo Rainbow Bio-Blox
AmmoniaFix Nitrifier
Aqua UV Advantage 2000 8-Watt
Aqua UV Advantage 2000 Plus 15-Watt
Aqua UV Replacement Lamps
AquaScape Premium Colour Enhancing
AquaScape Premium Staple Koi Food
Aquatic Tabs Plant Food
Atlantic FastFalls Pro-Series
Atlantic Skimmers
Atlantic Triton 2 Ionizer
Atlantic Waterfall Weir
Ball Valves (PVC)
Barb Elbow Fittings
Barbed Hose Menders
Barley Straw Extract
Basket Strainers (Leaf Traps)
Bifuran Powder
Bio-Blue Enzymes & Pond Colorant
Biological Clarifier Plus
Biosteps Filter
Bioverse Aquasphere Pro
Bioverse Blast
Bottom Drain 2-in.
Building the Perfect Pond & Waterfall
Bulk Head Fittings
Clarity Max Plus
Classic Black 120 Watt Unit
Classic Black 15 Watt Unit
Classic Black 160 Watt Unit
Classic Black 25 Watt Unit
Classic Black 40 Watt Unit
Classic Black 57 Watt Unit
Classic Black 8 Watt Unit
Classic Black 80 Watt Unit
Classic In-Line Transformers
Classic NEMA Tranformers
Clear Away
Clear Pond
Collapsible Pond Net PT-818
Collapsible Pond Skimmer Net PT-817
Color Enhancing Premium Sticks
Compact Skimmer Filter
Copper Test Kit 25
Debride Medicated Ointment
Deer Scarer Bamboo Fountain w/pump
Diaphragm Repair Kits
Dual Diaphragm Air Pump
EPDM Splice & Cover Tape
Evolution ESS Series Self-Priming Pumps
EZ Biofilters
Female Pipe Coupling
Female Pipe Thread Hose Adapter
Fill Valves
Firestone PondGard EPDM Liner Repair Kit
Fish Guarantee
Fish Guarantee2
Fish Shipping Information
Flexible PVC Hose
Floating Alligator Decoy
Floating Fountain
Floating Pellets All-Season
Floating Pellets Colour Enhancing
Floating Pellets Growth Enhancing
Foam-B-Gone Foam Remover
Foot Valve Screens
Fountain & Waterfall Pumps
Fresh Start
Garden Pondlopaedia
Goldfish For Sale
Growing Containers
Hagen Elite Air Line A-1132
Hagen Marina Easy-Catch Net
HAKKO Air Manifolds
HAKKO Diaphragms
Hakko HK100L Linear Air Pump
Hakko HK120L Linear Air Pump
Hakko HK25L Linear Air Pump
Hakko HK40L Linear Air Pump
Hakko HK60L Linear Air Pump
Hakko HK80L Linear Air Pump
Hand Feeding Your Koi
Handi Foam
Hikari Cloram-X
Hikari Cyropro
Hikari Gold
Hikari Ich-X
Hikari Prazi Pro
Hikari Staple
Hikari Ultimate
Hikari Wheat Germ
Hose Clamps
Hose Tees
How to Build Ponds and Waterfalls
Hudson Fill Valves
In-Wall Skimmer
Interpet Flora Boost
IonGen Ionizing System
Islandscapes IP050 Floating Island
Islandscapes IP100 Floating Island
Islandscapes IP200 Floating Island
Islandscapes IP300 Floating Island
Islandscapes IP400 Floating Island
Kink Free Hose
Knife Gate Valves
Koi Feeding Guide
Koi For Sale
Koi For Sale (Select mix of 5)
Koi Health & Disease
Koi Kastle (castle)
Koi Krunchies
Koi Medic
Koi Toilet 4
Laguna Aeration Accessories Kit PT-1623
Laguna Aeration Kit
Laguna Aeration Kit 45 PT-1620
Laguna Aeration Kit 75 PT-1624
Laguna Aeration Kit PT-1630
Laguna Ammonia Test Kit
Laguna Bamboo Spitter
Laguna Bio Mesh PT-1779
Laguna Bio-Max PT-560
Laguna Biospheres
Laguna Contour Planting Basket PT-968
Laguna Deer Scarer Spitter
Laguna Filter Pads
Laguna Filter Wool PT-1780
Laguna Floating Plant Baskets
Laguna Floating Thermometer
Laguna Foam Jet
Laguna Garden Pond Air Stone Tubing PT-1634
Laguna Garden Pond Longstone Air Stone PT-1633
Laguna Hardness Test Kit
Laguna LED Light Kits
Laguna LED Light Kits
Laguna LED Set of 3 Lights w/40 Bulbs
Laguna Magnetic Water Clarifier PT-1710
Laguna Master Test Kit
Laguna Natural Barley Straw Pellets
Laguna Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit
Laguna Once-A-Year Fertilizer Spike
Laguna pH Test Kit
Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover
Laguna Plant Grow
Laguna Pond De-Icer
Laguna Pond Heater
Laguna Pond Net PT-816
Laguna Pond Netting
Laguna PowerClear Multi 1000
Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls 5000
Laguna PowerFlo Foam Media
Laguna PowerFlo Skimmer 5000
Laguna Pressure-Flo
Laguna Pro Fish Net PT-827
Laguna Round Planting Baskets
Laguna Service Kits Pressure-Flo
Laguna Square Planting Baskets
Laguna Step Jets
Laguna UV Lamps & Quartz Sleeves
Laguna Waterbell Jets
Legacy All Season Variety Mix
Legacy Cold Weather Food
Legacy Fruits and Greens Food
Legacy High Growth & Energy
Legacy Immuno-Stimulant Food
Legacy Mini Pellets
Legacy Summer Staple
Livingponds Versatile Filter
Livingponds Waterfall Filter
Long Fin Koi (Butterfly Koi)
Mag-Drive Waterfall Pumps
Male Pipe Thread Hose Adapter
Male Pipe Thread Nipple
Master Gardner Pond Cover Nets
Matala Pond Vacuum
Max-Flo Waterfall and Filter Pumps
Maximum Clarity Plus
Mesh Baskets
Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep
Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Pellets Plus
Microbe-Lift PL
Microbe-Lift PL Gel Filter Pad Inoculant
Microbe-Lift SB (Sludge Away Booster)
Microbe-Lift Sludge Away
Microbe-Lift Spring/Summer Cleaner
Microbe-Lift Thera-P
Mini Encyclopedia of Koi Book
Mini Fish Net PT-813
Mini Pond Skimmer Net PT-814
Montmorillonite Clay
More Skimmers on Filtration Page
Muck Off
No-Niche Skimmer
Nycon Deluxe Koi Nets
Nycon Koi Sock Net
Nycon Kwik-Kleen
Nycon Net Handles
Nycon Pond Net
Oase Pond Vac 4
Oase SwimSkim
Ocean Mist 72 LED Light
Orange/Peach Water Lilies
Parrot Feather
pH Test Pen
Pink Water Lilies
Pond Fish Net PT-811
Pond Fish Net PT-815
Pond Free Waterfall Kits
Pond Free Waterfall Well
Pond Gard EPDM Liner Boxed
Pond Gard EPDM Liner Rolls
Pond Liner Protector
Pond Shield by Pond Armor
Pond Tint
Pondmaster 10 Watt UV
Pondmaster 20 Watt UV
Pondmaster 40 Watt UV
Pondmaster Air Pump AP-100
Pondmaster Air Pump AP-40
Pondmaster Air Pump AP-60
Pondmaster Bubbler Fountain Kit
Pondmaster De-Icer 120 watts
PondMaster Filter Media
PondMaster Filter Media
PondMaster Impellers/Magnets
PondMaster Mag-Drive Pumps 2-7
PondMaster Mag-Drive Pumps 9.5-36
PondMaster Mini Mag-Drive Pumps
PondMaster Mini Skimmer
Pondmaster Plug-In GFI
PondMaster PM1000 Submersible Filter
PondMaster PM2000 Submersible Filter
PondMaster PM500 Filter
PondMaster Pre-Filters
PondMaster Volutes
Power Beam Lights
PowerClear 1000
PowerClear 1800
PowerClear Max 1000
PowerClear Max 2000
PowerClear Max 5000
PowerFlo External Pond Filter
PowerFlo Max Biological Underwater Filter
PowerFlo Mechanical Add-On Chamber
PraziPond Plus Praziquantel
Pressurized Filters
Pro Hy-Drive Pumps
Quartz Sleeves
Quick Prime Plus
Ready Roots Planting Medium
Real Clear AK
Real Clear Dechlorinator
Red Water Lilies
Reducing Bushings
Replacement Parts
Return Policy For Okanagan Koi
Saki Hikari Color
Saki Hikari Growth
Saki Hikari Multi-Season
SapHGuard pH Buffer
Sarassa Comet Goldfish (Select Mix of 5)
Savio FilterWeir 16
Savio Springflo Bio Filter Media
Savio UVinex
Savio UVinex System
Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler Repellent
Seam Prep & Lap Sealant
Sequence 750 Pumps
Sheet Matala Black
Sheet Matala Blue
Sheet Matala Green
Sheet Matala Grey
Shipping Information
Shubunkin Goldfish (Select Mix of 5)
Sold In Store Only
Specialty Unions
Spring and Fall Premium Sticks
Standard Skimmer Filter
Statuary Pumps
Stone Covers
Store Hours & Location
Summer seminars
Summer seminars
Swing Check Valves (PVC)
TAC Powdered Bacteria
Tetra Bottom Drain
Tetra Vacuum Drain
TetraPond Aquasafe
TetraPond Barley & Peat Extract
TetraPond Laborett Kit
TetraPond Sludge Reducer
TetraPond Water Clarifier
Thermo Pond De-Icer 100 Watts
Threaded Elbow Fittings
True Union Check Valves (PVC)
TruSeal 3-Way Valves
Ultima II Filters
UltraKlean Pressure Filters
UltraKlear UV Clarifiers
Underwater Light
Underwater Light Bulbs
Unions (PVC)
United Statuary Pumps
Universal Pipe Boots
UV Replacement Bulbs & Lamps
Vanish Dechlorinator
Vinyl Tubing
Water Hyacinth
Water Lettuce
Waterfall Well Extensions
Whiskey Barrel Liners
White Water Lilies
WipeOut - Bacterial Control
Yellow Water Lilies

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