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United Statuary Pumps

United Statuary Pumps

The unique technical design of the rotor unit and the impeller make these units completely different from others available in the market today.

The shaft, integral with the impeller, rotates in two antifriction bearings of special self-lubricating material equipped with vibration absorbers, thus improving quiet running and life of the rotor/impeller system.

Pumps are equipped with flow control valve and with suction cups made out of highly acoustic absorbing non-toxic material to insulate the unit and avoid possible vibration of the pump against the walls of the aquarium or fountain.

GPH 75 85 110 140 160 180 270
United S-75
C$ 17.99
United UP-80
C$ 31.99
United UP-110
C$ 40.99
United UP-140
C$ 49.99
United UP-160
C$ 58.99
United P-180
C$ 74.98
United UP-270
C$ 86.99