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Compact Skimmer Filter

Compact Skimmer Filter

Proof that excellence does come in small sizes, the Savio Compact Skimmerfilter® is based on the best-selling Savio Skimmerfilter®.

Reducing pond maintenance, while blending with the surrounding landscape, the Compact Skimmerfilter® collects debris, clears water, and hides unsightly pumps.

This mighty skimmer delivers dynamic multi-stage filtration for smaller ponds and water features, providing a complete filtration system for ponds up to 700 gallons, and a skimming solution for ponds up to 2,500 gallons. Like its larger predecessor, it combines four types of filtration for optimal water quality: skimming, mechanical, biological, and UV filtration.

Select the appropriate faceplate according to flow rate used as follows;

  • 6-in. faceplate for flows of between 500 and 1800 gph
  • 8.5-in. faceplate for flows of between 1800 and 3000 gph
All Prices in Green Are Sale Prices.
Compact Skimmer Filter Base Unit
Was C$ 699.99
C$ 559.99
Compact Skimmer Faceplate Assembly 6-in.
Was C$ 79.99
C$ 69.99
Compact Skimmer Faceplate Assembly 8.5-in.
Was C$ 109.99
C$ 99.99
Matala Replacement Pads For Compact Filter
C$ 39.99
Replacement Pads (2) For Compact Filter
Was C$ 46.99
C$ 41.99

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