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Koi Kastle (castle)

Koi Kastle (castle)

The original Koi Kastle (castle) is designed to protect your Koi from predators through the cold winter months and even in summer. Comes in two sizes already assembled. The Koi Kastle has an aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh.

Place the Koi Kastle (castle) at the bottom of your pond to help keep your prized Koi safe. Very durable and long lasting.

This new style Koi Kastle by Nycon is molded of flexible black plastic textured to resemble a rock tunnel. Kastle measures 21.5" long x 12" wide x 9" high.

Keeps fish shaded in the hot summer and protects against predators.

Koi Kastle Molded Plastic
C$ 44.99
18-in. Koi Kastle
C$ 69.99
Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler Repellent

Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler Repellent

Protect your garden or pond from unwanted animal intruders. The Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler instantly releases a short but startling burst of water when it detects animals. The sudden water,...(click on product image for more details)