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Ocean Mist 72 LED Light

Ocean Mist 72 LED Light

Ocean Mist ® LED light features low power consumption, long working life. The LED underwater lights are equipped with super bright LEDs and installed in cast copper light housing, the LED lights are filled with high quality waterproof material and covered with a clear glass lens for underwater application, it gives great lighting effect for using in indoor or outdoor fountain, pond, lake, waterfalls or garden.

Comparing to regular halogen light, the submersible LED light can be used under water or above water, LED light is not a hot light source while halogen light generates much heat when it is in operation. Halogen light is only a single color light, LED light can be made into red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and white, our LED72 has installed with a high tech light color controller which allows user to select the light color by just pressing a button, you can get a single color light or multi-color light, or you can select an auto color changing/fading mode to let the light change color automatically by itself.

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72 LED Light Kit 3-in. Diameter 33-ft. Cord 10 Watts
Was C$ 129.98
C$ 89.99
Ocean Mist Apollo Cascade Floating Fountain w/LED

Ocean Mist Apollo Cascade Floating Fountain w/LED

Ocean Mist Apollo Cascade Floating Fountain With LED Lights A decorative floating fountain at an affordable price. The Apollo Cascade produces a spray approximately 40" high with its energy efficient...(click on product image for more details)