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Crystal Clear Pond Shock


Crystal Clear Pond Shock

Named "product of the year" in 2016 by Practical Fishkeeping magazine reader's poll, we're excited to offer this to our customers!

  • SHOCKingly Clear Water
  • Gives Your Pond A Boost When Water Quality Issues Escalate
  • Safe For Use In All Ponds

CrystalClear PondShock is an organic ball powered by billions of all natural, live bacteria and enzymes to rapidly break down ammonia, nitrites and organic waste. PondShock is designed to give your pond an extra boost when poor water quality issues escalate. PondShock also helps jump-start your biological filters in the spring and reduce ammonia spikes when new fish are added to the pond. PondShock is a great alternative to chemicals to clear your pond water and balance the ecosystem.


Pond Size (In Gallons) Dosage 1x/Month
Or As Needed
2,500 1 Ball
5,000 2 Balls
7,500 3 Balls
10,000 4 Balls



  • When water is green, murky or discolored.
  • In the spring to replenish winter bacteria loss.
  • Anytime filter media is replaced.
  • Boost bacteria levels 3 days after any algaecide treatment.
  • Before new fish are added to the pond to reduce ammonia spikes.
  • When ammonia, nitrites or nitrates are testing high.


CrystalClear PondShock can be added to Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self-contained water features and ponds without a traditional filtration system. Apply treatment once a month or as needed when water temperatures are above 50°F.


CrystalClear PondShock is easy to use. Simply toss the ball and activating gel into the water or filter and PondShock immediately goes to work to remove toxic ammonia and nitrites and clean up organic waste to provide crystal clear water.


  • PondShock must be stored above 40°F.
  • Wait three days after an algaecide treatment to apply PondShock
Pond Shock Pond Booster Ball
C$ 35.99

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