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Chamberlain Pondless Waterfall

Updated: Mon, 4 Jun 2018

A gorgeous Pondless Waterfall on Okanagan Lake, complete with 5 foot brass cranes.
Chamberlain Pondless Waterfall

This feature is hiding a secret. The previous owner had a pond in this location, but we filled it in. I think it's a first for us, to take away a fish pond, and replace it with something not for Koi..we are usually doing the oposite..lol

However, this pond design was as bad as it can get. It was on the lake, so the water table floated the liner up. To counter act that, they put some very large boulders on the liner to hold it down. All that did, was create a maintenance issue with debris and gunk being trapped in the rocks.

These new owners are from Calgary, so use this as their home away from home. It didn't make sense to have a high maintenance and ugly fish pond...so..we took it away!

This feature was on the cover of Gardens West Magazine and was also included in an architectural digest.

This is the start of the feature. Being as though the last liner lifted, we made a concrete floor and block walls. Overkill for most situations, but warranted here. Plus, we'd rather over build, and never have an issue, then pull it apart and plan B something. Yes, sandbags for my spillovers. It makes nice firm edges.

We ALWAYS double layer our underlay, then EPDM liner, then another layer of underlay OVER the liner (in pondless features, not fish ponds) There are 2 pump vaults because we are running 2 pumps. The far on has a Geyserflo 10,000 GPH pump, the closer one will have a small 2400 GPH Laguna Max-Flo pump run the brass cranes and the bubble rock between them and the waterfall. The circulation pump, is so the clients can turn off the big pump when out of town, but leave the cranes running. This is so the feature doesn't go stagnant and smell. There is also an auto-fill unit on this feature so its pretty self sufficient.

We use 4" PVC pipe again for this feature. Stacked one way, then the next, in layers like lasagna. Its very strong and holds lots of water.