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Laguna Once-A-Year Fertilizer Spike

Laguna Once-A-Year Fertilizer Spike
Laguna Once-A-Year Fertilizer Spike

Laguna Fertilizer Pond Spikes supply important nutrition to aquatic plants for a period of one year. The temperature-activated feeding sticks release nutrients only when plants need them most--at or above 50 degrees F or 10 degrees C.

Once activated, the spikes slowly release a well-balanced feeding formula that maximizes the size & color all aquatic plants. With low amounts of phosphorous and no copper, the pond spikes have no adverse effect on water quality and are non-toxic to fish and plant life.

Laguna Fertilizer Pond Spikes are specifically designed for potted plants and are compatible with all planting baskets. Each package includes three pond spikes.

Laguna Once-A-Year Fertilizer Spike PT-910 3 pack for water lilies (18cm)

Laguna Once-A-Year Fertilizer Spike PT-911 6 pack MINI for marginal plants (10cm)

Laguna Fertilizer Sticks 6pk MINI for marginal plants 10cm
C$ 10.99
Laguna Fertilizer Sticks 3pk for water lilies 18cm
C$ 13.49
Aquatic Tabs Plant Food

Aquatic Tabs Plant Food

Time-release fertilizer tablets - premium quality Produces the best in pond plants for years ! Most widely used pond plant food tablet to feed water lilies and all types of pond plants. Feeds for 30 to...(click on product image for more details)