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Copper Test Kit 25

Copper Test Kit 25

If you are using an IONIZER on your pond, you'll want to be sure to have a copper test kit on hand. Copper is very toxic to pond life if its allowed to get too high. Koi are very sensitive to copper, even at very low levels.

We have used an IONIZER here for several years, and have never had an issue. However, we have had the odd customer that doesn't listen to our recommendations, and ends up needlessly stressing their fish.

When using an IONIZER, you should test your copper levels regularly. When testing, there should be ZERO or only SLIGHT pink colour to your test. If you are fully in the first colour (past zero) then your copper is already too high. Ideally, it should sit right between zero (lavender) and the first number (slight pink) it should be hard to distinguish between where it is.

People think that you need the copper level to read, to kill the algae. Not true! If you have no algae and your copper reads at zero, then its perfect. If your copper reads to the first number and your fish are acting weird (laying around, slow, not eating, scratching) your copper is too high. PLEASE BRING US A WATER SAMPLE.

If you are unsure, bring us a water sample and we'll happily test your levels. We'll give you a free tutorial on how to test it properly at home. Its really very easy, once you've done it

  • 25 tests per kit

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